Sunday, May 14, 2017

Aurifil Artisans


Over the moom about being chosen to be a Aurifil Artisan so much talent in this line up! I am honored to be included in this new team for Aurifil! If you want to read more Welcome Aurifil Artisans! | AURIbuzz

Happy Mothers Day! Lisa


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fat Quarter Shop Mothers Day Sale


TERMS: One promo code per customer, limit one gift certificate per order. Discount not available when paying with another gift certificate. Not combinable with other offers. We reserve the right to void gift certificates purchased or used fraudulently. Expires May 14 at midnight CST.




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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Geranium Dress and other makes

Hello Everyone, I have had such an exciting week with the birth of little Miss Lilly, her Momma's C-section, and no wi-fi in their home to do my posting! It is delightful being here but I guess you never think of something until you don't have it! Lucky me, I will walk down the road to a candy store to post! But hey whatever works and they offered! More about them another time.


Meet Miss Kennedy, my new kinda Granddaughter! She is Lilly's half sister by another Mom. She is sporting my first ever dress by me without a pattern, In Cotton and Steel's Panda fabric! She is such a beautiful and sweet little girl! She loved playing princess for me after I made her dress but is a little camera shy. I will claim her!


Miss Lilly Anne who arrived on Monday, May 1, 2017, at 8 lbs 4 oz, and 20 inches long, is sporting a Geranium Dress, also Cotton and Steel's Panda fabric! I have a link a few posts back for the free Geranium Dress Pattern (0 - 3 months) by Made-by-Ray! (No Internet while writing a post means I cannot add links)!

I cannot say enough good things about this pattern - simple, easy to make, great directions, and free! I will buy the more advanced pattern for later on when she grows out of this size! It will work for Summer!

Since these dresses are cotton I used Aurifil 50 wt. #2600 thread and it worked beautifully! I just love the sheen of the gray on the topstitching!


Other things I made this week!

I wanted a swaddling blanket that didn't look like it was from the hospital, I had one yard of flannel, I brought with me! I so wish I had brought more!

I measured the blanket 36" x 36", looked at its sewing, an overlocked stitch all the way around. So simple! The fabric is Katie and Birdie, Storybook, flannel, and again I used Aurifil 50 wt. #2600 thread! I used the strip of flannel leftover and made a burb cloth!


They came out so nice and soft!

I am a thrift store junky but they don't really seem to have them where I live so I was really excited to go to one with my daughter. We found this elephant planter that I turned into a pincushion, with some stuffing and a 5" square of Alison Glass fabric, to use while I am here or the rest of my life, it is just to cute!



Everyone is fine in my world, hope it is in yours! I miss my guy's at home and can't wait for them, but sometimes a woman needs her Mommy!

Hugs to all, I'll try to check in again soon. Lisa


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Newest Family Member

Welcome to our family!

Lilly Anne Proctor



What a sweet bundle of joy you are!


Thank you all for following it has been a busy few days! Hugs Lisa

In The Boon Docks: Bella Skill Builder Month 4


Monday, May 1, 2017

Bella Skill Builder Month 4


May 1st is here and time for Month 4 of Bella Skill Builder Quilt Along over at the Bella Skillbuilder Month 4 - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber ! This month, finds me in a Delivery Waiting Room waiting on my third grandchild to be delivered, baby Lilly Anne Proctor. While I am waiting I will share with you my blocks created with Month 4 Flying Geese Pattern!

Get the kit: Bella Skillbuilder Quilt Kits!

Video: Kimberly and Sherri McConnell from A Quilting Life walk you through the Flying Geese block in this YouTube video!

Pattern: Be sure to download the free May 2017 pattern!

This months colors come from the Blues Bella Solids Colors of Moda Fat Quarter Bundle Moda Fabrics - Bella Solids - Moda Fabrics | Fat Quarter Shop, I bought this bundle and tried my hand at picking fabrics for shades! The background color is Moda Bella Solid Ash.

Then I took a picture to check the grayscale to see if it was in the correct order! Try that next time! I think it is such a neat trick!


I had never used this ruler before Small Flying Geese Ruler Quilt in a Day #2006QD | Fat Quarter Shop it is impressive! Works perfect! I am telling you if you make flying geese you need it, makes (2) at a time!



My finished blocks came out beautiful!





Please stop by the other bloggers and see all the various color differences!

Paula from The Sassy Quilter

Leanne from She Can Quilt

Erin from Sew at Home Mummy

Erin from Why Not Sew
Marni from Haberdashery Fun

Natalia from Piece and Quilt

Julie from 627 Handworks
Kaye from Miss Print
Charise from Charise Creates
Kristen from Three in the Nest
Vickie from Spun Sugar Quilts

Have a great month I hope I didn't forget anything but if I did, I have an excuse! Next up for me today, new Granddaughter, any minute now! Hugs Lisa


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sewing with Knits


Yesterday, I decided to sew with knits. Had to change the sewing machine needle to a Jersey 12 and find some poly blend or polyester thread. That's right no Aurifil but Coats and Clark makes great all purpose thread. The only time I don't use Aurifil is to sew knit fabric.

Little Lilly is due May 1st and I really wanted to make her a Little Geranium Dress (link to free dress). The pattern is for a cotton dress (0-3 months), I wanted to use knit and changed things a little. Made the bodice like the pattern,using snaps instead of buttons since I bought a snap kit a month ago from Amazon. I'll wait to place the snap until she is born. The skirt section, I just cut a piece of knit fabric and gathered the top of it. Then with right sides together I started sewing 2" down from the top to the bottom. Pinned and sewed the bodice to the skirt. Still working on sewing the bottom. A friend on Instagram suggested making it 26" long. Then pinning to make a casing for elastic at the bottom. It will be more like a gown but the pattern by Made By Rae - sewing patterns, tutorials and projects by Rae is excellent. I will use it to make a cotton dress for the baby too! Recommend this pattern. If you need a bigger pattern she has it available for sale Geranium Dress Sewing Pattern PDF | Made by Rae!

PDF or Paper Patterns

I personally like .pdf patterns because many patterns come in multiple sizes. I can print whatever size I need but if I buy a multi sized paper pattern once I cut it I only have the one size. Just something to think about when you a starting out sewing clothing.


Poppy Troll is wearing the babies mittens that I made. The pattern link is in the last post In The Boon Docks: Simple Little Things Babies is great! They are so little and cute. I really recommend it! The pattern is well written and easy to follow.


This morning I jumped out of bed, at 4:30 am and decided to sew a band to the bottom of my Pandalicious shirt. I made it last year but don't wear it much because the hem kept rolling up, which wasn't very flattering! So now it looks like this and I love it.



Hopefully, we will be on our way to our daughter's house tomorrow! I am so ready to go. Have a great week and I'll post when I can. Definitely going to get a picture of us in our Pandalicious Fashions! Hugs Lisa


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Simple Little Things Babies

So this morning, honestly, I am operating in panic, wait mode! Baby Lilly is not due untl May 1st! At the stress test yesterday Momma was having contractions and is starting to progress a little. Up at 6:30 am, very unusual for me, so I started to pack not my clothes of course but my sewing things. I have to make a few baby dresses and those little mittens, so she can't scratch herself. By now, I have pulled out my clothes bags and started my laundry.

I found this little dress - free and looks to be easy enough I can do it!



Free! Little Geranium Dress Pattern - Made By Rae. This is 0 - 3 months and there is a pattern you can purchase for more extras and bigger babies and girls! When I went seaching the internet for an easy dress, this one kept popping up! So, it comes highly recommended by lots of bloggers!


Mittens - you wouldn't think they would be hard to find but they were! Started on Pinterest and every link I clicked on was no good! Did a search and still couldn't find what I was looking to make. Finally, on Craftsy!

Quick and Easy Baby Mittens | Craftsy


Hope my searching helps another Grandmother or new Mom find these handy patterns! Hug to all, Lisa




Monday, April 10, 2017

Petit Four Baskets

The Fat Quarter Shop and ByAnnie got together and made a fantastic video on how to make these sweet little baskets! Great for holding all kinds of things including Aurifil Floss!

How to make a Petit Four Basket with ByAnnie and Fat Quarter Shop - YouTube


I made these (2) baskets with my favorite Alison Glass 10" x 10" squares! Each basket only takes 2 squares and some Soft and Stable White Project Pack ByAnnie #PBASS20PP | Fat Quarter Shop


So make one or a 100!

They make great gifts!

Go watch the video!


Then get sewing!

Thank you for stopping by today! Lisa


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Controversial or Not



I cannot tell you which blog I first watched this video on but I can tell you it sure did make my husband look at me sideways and laugh. Which I think was the intent of AccuQuilt | The Best Fabric Cutter Machine For Quilting : AccuQuilt

So God Made A Quilter - YouTube

Society seems to control what is right and wrong. Trying to make more of something than was intended! Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Please remember "Kindness Matters" meaning please if you are displeased just say it and don't shoot the messenger. Lisa


Wednesday, April 5, 2017




I am joining in with Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thompson for #the100dayproject. If you haven't heard of it you can find more info here but basically you chose do to something for 100 days and document it on instagram with a unique hashtag. My unique hashtag on Lisa Johnson (@intheboondocks) • Instagram photos and videos will be #100daysofAurifilThread

In the last couple weeks I kept seeing on Instagram what others were going to do and kept trying to think of something original I could do even though I wouldn't be home for much during the next couple months! I always carry some thread around with me! I know I am a little weird but it comes in handy!

You see my oldest daughter is due to deliver baby Lilly May 1st! So, I will be going to Norfolk, Virgina to stay a few weeks. Then in June, my youngest daughter will have major surgery on her panaceas again! We will go to Cincinnati, Ohio for the surgery and a hospital visit for a week or two. Then back to her home in Lexington, Kentucky until she can get around on her own. Which means climbing the stairs to the second floor of her home. Last year it was only a few weeks but the surgery was just repairing the hernias from the spleen rupture of 2015. Keep us in your prayers!

I don't know what I would do without my wonderful Mother who stays home and helps care for David or my Husband who drives me, drops me, then rushes home to help at home! I am lucky I have a great family support system that helps at home that includes my In-Laws.

Day 1 #100DaysofAurifilThread


My oldest today!

I will be posting while I am gone! So keep your eye open to see what I can think up to do with Aurifil Thread! The company has sponsored me for years! I love the product and it has so many uses! Be prepared for fun!

Thank you for following along! Lisa


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fat Quarter Shop Sale

Have you been shopping yet? I ordered last night!


Write down this CODE before you go!

Sale includes everything not already on sale! If you need something, NOW is the time to buy! Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns | Fat Quarter Shop

Enjoy the sale! Lisa

Even Aurifil Threads are on sale! Been wanting to try 'Aurifil floss' | Fat Quarter Shop or some 'Aurifil 50 wt' | Fat Quarter Shop get it at 20% off!



Winner of the Barry Hendricks Seam Ripper is Lori. Congratulations! She has been contacted and I will be mailing this week! If you would like to order a seam ripper or a pen, they make great gifts! Take a look! Thank you for sponsoring!


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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bella Skillbuilder Month 3


It is April 1st and time for a new block Bella Skillbuilder Month 3 - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber this month we are making "Pineapple" blocks!

Are you ready to get started on month 3? Let's grab our Bella Skillbuilder Quilt Kits! Kimberly and Sherri McConnell from A Quilting Life walk you through the Pineapple blocks in this YouTube video! Be sure to download the free April 2017 pattern!


The quilt along requires new skills and rulers, at least for me! This month the ruler that we are using is the Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool Creative Grids #CGRJAW3 !

The way I make it work for me: Download the free pattern and order the ruler that is being used. Since I didn't order the kit, I decide what colors I am going to use bella solids yardage and order it at the same time it is averaging out to about $25 a month! Some rulers are less and if I use a fabric I already bought no cost! I love the non slip on the bottom of the rulers. It is an investment in the quilting tool box. You will be able to create all kinds of quilts with these rulers once you have finished this one quilt!


Remember this months pattern you are making (7) blocks all at once and they are easy to chain piece. I have seen this block done other ways that are really hard. The ruler makes it really easy and gives it that perfect finish look when done.


I started cutting my (7) blocks 3 weeks ago and will finally finish this weekend! I am so glad I used Pink Alphabitties® Specialty Marking Tools It's Sew Emma #ISE-701 when I cut them out. Otherwise, I would have to measure all the blocks again to figure out which pieces to sew. I can wait to see your blocks after they are done!


Please stop by the other Bloggers quilting along!

We all have excuses when things don't get done on time. It has taken 2 doctors visits in 2 weeks to determine we have a house full of people with "Strep Throat", kinda put a damper on my sewing. The refrigerator breaking and being in pieces all over our kitchen did help either. So, just like you, I am human and have things happen that always work themselves out and I am back to sewing. Antibiotics work wonders! I love this quilt along and hope you continue to create these gorgeous blocks along with us! See you next month! Lisa


The Bella Skill Builder is Sponsored by:


Monday, March 27, 2017

Don't Forget To Enter

I have this great seam ripper to giveaway to one of you! Don't miss out!



Click the link to enter: In The Boon Docks: Seam Ripper Giveaway

Thank you for stopping by - Lisa


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Seam Ripper Giveaway

Barry Hendricks is a true artist in his field creating gorgeous one of a kind pens, letter openers, and my favorite seam rippers! You can visit his Etsy shop by following this link Gorgeous Handmade Seam Rippers by BarrysPens He sent me this acrylic and chrome seam ripper (above) to give to one of you! It is the prettiest Red and it sparkles when you turn it! Barry makes all his items in his backyard shop in Texas!


This giveaway is open to everyone (if you are no-reply leave your e-mail in the comment or you can't win).

Note to Google+ users if your email is not in your profile no one can reach you - so leave an e-mail.

1. Tell me in the comments what do you collect? Me, I love seam rippers!

2. Go checkout Barry's Etsy Site Barry's Pen's and More by BarrysPens on Etsy

3. If you follow "In The Boon Docks" you get an extra chance!

Three chances to win!

Giveaway end March 31, 2017, at Midnight!